I mean, I’m very spiritual. I do yoga.

There’s this person I want to be.

She gets up at 4AM.

She does some deep breathing and gentle stretches.

She puts on her all white LuLuLemon yoga pants and racer back top and wraps herself in some sort of comfy organic cotton fluffy robe, and pads downstairs, the sound of her feet on the bamboo floor gently echoing through her 14′ ceiling city loft with the awesome rent and a pretty good view considering the neighborhood.

She turns on her stove. Fills her Crate and Barrel tea pot with fresh, distilled water and prepares her loose leaf fair trade decaf (organic) green tea. She drinks some Kangen water at 9.5pH first. Mmm. Alkaline water is soooo amazing, she thinks to herself. She pours her tea, and takes deep breaths in with great intent. I mean, it’s 4:03AM and she’s breathing the SHIT out of life. Read the rest of this entry »